The PPG Metal Coatings Online Color Selector tool features digital versions of all 90 colors in the PPG Architectural Liquid and Powder Coatings Color Guide and each of the 80 colors in the PPG Building Products Coil Coatings Color Guide. Visitors can access large swatches of all 170 extrusion and coil coatings colors – which include the ability to click to full-screen views – and filter searches by color family or brand name such as DURANAR®, Duranar ULTRA-COOL®, DURASTAR® and CORAFLON® coatings.

Hovering a cursor over a color swatch reveals the descriptive name of the DURANAR liquid coating in the extrusion-coatings mode or the Duranar ULTRA-COOL coating in the coil-coatings mode, along with its unique product code and solar reflectance index (SRI) rating.

Clicking on a swatch expands the sample and unveils product codes for the same color in other PPG brands and resin formulations, as well as suggested uses for the coating. Another quick tap on the expand icon in the corner of the swatch enlarges it to full-screen size.

In the extrusion-coatings mode, a click on the “Request a Sample” icon takes visitors to the Sample and Literature Fulfillment Center on the site, where they can add the panel to the shopping cart.

Icons for email and social media embedded in each swatch enable architects to share colors instantly with clients and colleagues. Clicking on the name of an individual brand generates information about its basic resin technology, coating system and gloss range.