Nova-Plate 325 is an amine-cured, glass and ceramic-filled novolac epoxy tank lining from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. It has been designed to protect steel storage tanks and vessels interiors from crude, refined products, chemicals and process water, including high-temperature and high-pressure service.

Conventional lining systems struggle to withstand crude and process water at higher temperatures and pressures, like the ones faced when extracting oil from deeper depths or processes working at elevated temperatures.

Facing 150°C crude oil at elevated pressures or 99°C produced water is becoming more common, and conventional linings cannot cope with the challenges.

Nova-Plate 325, which has already made inroads into the North American market since being launched in that region, offers benefits to the customer include coping with 150ºC crude and 99ºC process water.

The system also offers a quick return to service within 24 hours and high film-build, meaning it can be applied in a single coat.

Expected uses include storage tanks, vessels and piping, for crude, refined products, chemical or process-water handling or secondary containment, with key industries served including the oil and gas and mining sectors.