CLEVELAND - The Lubrizol Corp.'s Performance Coatings business announced an expansion at one of its European Formulations & Applications Centers of Excellence in Blackley, UK. In addition to a formulations and applications technical team, the Blackley facility also comprises research and development of hyperdispersants and is a central location for all European and emerging markets commercial activities. The facility is dedicated to synthesizing, formulating and testing dispersant technologies for diverse coatings and explores unique solutions for resins, binders and surface modification.

"Essentially, we have increased our lab footprint by 50 percent for our formulations and applications," said Lee Young, Lubrizol Global Formulations and Applications Manager. The lab expansion also includes the purchase of new equipment with a timeframe of completion targeted for July 2015.

At the Blackley Center of Excellence, technical experts, technical product managers, sales and marketing teams, as well as senior business managers are all available to address customer needs with leading-edge solutions from Lubrizol's Solsperse™ and Solplus™ polymeric dispersant, Carboset®, Hycar® and Carbosperse™ resin, and Lanco™ surface modifier product lines.