HAMBURG, Germany - As of July 1, ICH Benelux BV, the Dutch subsidiary of KRAHN CHEMIE, changed its name to KRAHN CHEMIE Benelux BV. The change takes place two years after KRAHN CHEMIE's acquisition of the ICH Group with which KRAHN successfully positioned itself in the Benelux market, expanded its laboratory services and strengthened its market accessibility in Germany and Poland. Renaming the company illustrates the company's affiliation to the KRAHN CHEMIE group of companies and allows a unified market identity.

KRAHN CHEMIE Benelux BV's company headquarters is in Zaandam, Amsterdam. The company distributes, among other products, specialty chemicals for the paint and coatings industry.

KRAHN CHEMIE is part of the OTTO KRAHN group of companies based in Hamburg, Germany. The core business of KRAHN CHEMIE is the distribution and marketing of chemical raw materials and specialty chemicals.