DAVENPORT, IA – EBLab manufacturer COMET Group and BroadBeam™ ebeam systems manufacturer PCT Engineered Systems have coordinated an agreement with Georgia Power – A Southern Company to promote electron beam processing technology in Atlanta. As part of the agreement, a fully operational ebeam laboratory unit will be showcased at George Power’s Customer Resource Center in Dunwoody, GA, starting in July 2015. The EBLab unit will be used for instructional and technical proof-of-concept purposes.

COMET's EBLab is a multifunctional industrial laboratory unit that uses innovative lamp ebeam technology. It comes equipped with nitrogen inerting for surface curing applications and can deliver a maximum energy level of 200 kV for polymeric crosslinking development work.

“Given the limited accessibility of sealed ebeam systems for testing and research, this is indeed a great opportunity for companies and institutions to obtain first-hand experience with this highly energy efficient and cost-effective technology in an industrial lab environment,” noted Tony Carignano, PCT Sales and Marketing Specialist and project leader for this initiative. “In fact, the presence of an EBLab in Atlanta is significant enough that we are partnering with co-suppliers to develop workshops to be held later this year in Atlanta that will center upon how the EBLab can be used to facilitate new product development in a variety of application areas.”

The EBLab workshops are expected to cross-pollinate a number of growing application areas for ebeam technology. A number of global equipment, resin, ink and coating manufacturers will be involved in demonstrating the basics of energy curable, crosslinking, polymer scission, formulating and equipment safety in a very hands-on way. Targeted advanced material development applications include printing and curing on 3D objects, surface sterilization and modifications to the mechanical properties of plastics, rubber, and polymeric films and foams.

The unit is now available for use at the Georgia Power Customer Resource Center. Contact Tony Carignano at awcarignano@teampct.com to schedule an individual appointment to see and/or use the EBLab.