MEDINA, OH – Darkside Scientific LLC, manufacturer of the LumiLor® Electroluminescent Coating System, announced its involvement in the Lexus Heart Racing project. The LumiLor electroluminescent coating system was used to coat the outside of the Lexus RC F, and coupled with standard electronics, allows the pulse and other vitals of the driver to be visible on the car.

“We were honored to be chosen by a premier luxury brand such as Lexus to showcase our coating system,” said Shawn Mastrian, CEO of Darkside Scientific. “We have a premium coating system that can produce mind-blowing effects in the right hands, and we are excited at this demonstration of the capabilities of LumiLor.”

LumiLor is a patented electroluminescent coating system that allows almost any object to emit light without changing its form or function. Light can literally be painted around complex curves in any shape you can paint.

LumiLor can be applied to practically any surface, including metal, wood, fiberglass, and plastics in any variety of shapes, including compound curves, to form a truly conformal electroluminescent coating. LumiLor can even be applied to flexible applications, and can be custom shaped to any application using simple masking, making it a very versatile electroluminescent product.

“The Lexus project was challenging for us in a number of ways,” said Darkside Scientific’s COO Pete Gonzales. “For one, we had to paint it nearly 10,000 miles from our home office, which presented some logistical difficulties to say the least. Fortunately Trent Rogers and 6 Star Painting and Airbrush really stepped up to provide us a facility and the logistical support we needed.”

Next up for Darkside is the launch of the LumiLor Labs business, where professional painters can be certified to apply the LumiLor electroluminescent coating system. The first training classes will be held in early October in a new state-of-the-art training facility in Las Vegas. For more information and to enroll in training, please visit

“Doing a project of the scale and complexity of the Lexus RC F gives us great confidence as we launch our training business in October,” said Gonzales. “We have everything in place to assure a professional training and support network on the application of LumiLor so people across the world can apply LumiLor with quality and reliability.”

In addition to aftermarket customizations, LumiLor can be used in automotive, aerospace, boating, military, industrial safety, art, and lighting applications, just to name a few. Products can be made to emit light in ways never before possible.