CAMBRIDGE, MA – LiquiGlide Inc. announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Australia-based packaging manufacturer Pact Group Holdings (Pact). Working with LiquiGlide’s patented breakthrough slippery coating technology, Pact Group will explore innovative new paint packaging solutions that allow consumers to use more of the paint they purchase and reduce the environmental impact associated with residual paint.

Since 1866 when paint was first sold in tin containers, consumers have struggled with a variety of issues associated with paint sticking to its packaging – from not being able to use all of the paint they purchased to coping with dried paint that can flake off and contaminate fresh paint. Paint residue in containers can also contribute to environmental problems. Pact Group is attempting to tackle many of these issues by partnering with LiquiGlide.

LiquiGlide’s coatings are created by combining a textured solid with a liquid, resulting in a permanently wet slippery surface that enables viscous liquids to slide easily. As a result, consumers get more product out of the container, skin formation and flaking are hindered, and waste is effectively reduced. LiquiGlide’s unique, award-winning technology is superior to other approaches to liquid-impregnated or liquid-infused surfaces because those solutions are only temporary, relying on excess liquid that will drain off the surface due to gravity.

Packaging problems related to viscous liquids are not unique to the paint industry; in fact, they’re common among consumer packaged goods manufacturers. LiquiGlide was founded in 2012 to help manufacturers and packaging companies eliminate waste and create better consumer experiences by providing them with unique slippery coatings that enable their viscous products to easily slide from their packaging.

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