CHESHIRE, UK - Baker Tilly, the UK’s seventh-largest corporate accounting firm, has nominated Union Colours, a pigment manufacturer operating from the UK, for the European Business of the Year award.

Baker Tilly has been an advisor to Union Colours on its global expansion. As part of the award nomination, the company noted, “Every year we seek out the very best businesses across Europe that demonstrate the guiding principles of the awards, commercial success, innovation and business ethics, we are pleased to nominate Union Colours on this criteria. We were particularly impressed with the success Union Colours Ltd. has demonstrated in all aspects of its operation and the impact this has had across their business. With this in mind, we want to select Union Colours Ltd. for entry into the European Business of the Year category.”

Bo Zhu, Finance Director at Union Colours, said, “Speaking on behalf of our executive management team, this is particularly rewarding for us, not just the accolade of the nomination but the prestige that the nomination came from Baker Tilly. We have been working with their group successfully and appreciate their professional opinion. We can see these awards are acknowledged by prime ministers, commissioners and diplomats across Europe. Union Colours respects its responsibility with regards to the application and are proud to be included.”

The award results will be announced in 2016.