ASHTABULA, OH – Chromaflo Technologies has recently released a video describing its infrared reflective technology and how the technology can benefit end users.

The video explains how Chromaflo’s infrared reflective technology can be incorporated into coatings products to help control the effects of solar heat on exterior surfaces. Some advantages of keeping exteriors cooler include reduced energy costs in homes and commercial buildings, improved durability in industrial applications, protection of skin from hot surfaces, and easier cooling of vehicles on warm days.

Exterior applications that can obtain value from incorporating this technology include roof coatings, exterior building coatings, playground equipment, aircraft dashboards, outdoor track and fields, commercial window treatments, and automotive interiors and exteriors. Chromaflo Technologies’ colorants for IR reflective paint and coatings protect substrates against excessive temperatures and UV radiation by reflecting the IR wavelengths and limiting ultraviolet radiation.

Saving money on cooling costs by keeping surfaces cooler is a benefit to consumers, but using infrared reflective technology also helps to protect the environment by using less energy. 

Take a look at the new video on Chromaflo’s web site at, or on YouTube at