BRAMPTON, Ontario - Zochem Inc., a zinc oxide producer, will embark on several initiatives for 2016 to increase its existing presence in global markets outside of North America. The company will be expanding its capabilities to serve customers and manage relationships directly, as well as via strategic regional distributors, through a warehouse/distribution center soon to be opened in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This follows the company's recent investments to optimize production capacity, improve operational efficiency, and implement systems to achieve industry-leading customer service and logistics.

Based in Brampton, Ontario, Zochem Inc. plans to further promote its products and capabilities to the rest of the global market. The company has built a significant export presence and has a proven track record of supplying customers throughout the world, including locations in Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, India, China and Southeast Asia.

Zochem General Manager Joshua Belczyk explains, “In terms of timing, we intend to capitalize on the momentum of our recent internal execution as well as tailwinds from several external factors. As in other industries, the global growth slowdown is threatening the viability of smaller, less-efficient producers. Zochem, however, is poised to continue to excel in all areas by building on existing relationships, superior economies of scale and product purity, our highly skilled team of employees, industry-leading strategy and execution, and a strong balance sheet.”