Jaime Gili, a Venezuelan artist living in London, has a passion for painting abstract art in unusual places and on unusual things. For his latest project, Nomonochrome, Gili is creating his art on a series of timeless cars using Cromax®, one of the three premium global refinish brands of Axalta Coating Systems, to get the finish he wants.

Nomonochrome is a 10-year project which is running concurrently with my studio work,” explains Gili. “I plan to paint about 10 different cars during this period. I have already completed a Golf Cabriolet from 1992 and am about to start on a Seat 600 from 1971 – a real symbol of the Spanish automotive industry.”

To make his designs a reality, Gili works closely with the AMT body shop in Manresa near Barcelona, Spain. Gili says, “I have known Toni Chinchilla, the owner of AMT, for many years. His body shop has an excellent reputation for its work with classic car restoration and repairs. It also creates and paints bespoke designs for vehicle owners who are looking for something special with a high-quality finish. So Toni was the obvious choice to work with me on this project.”

Gili creates his designs on his computer and passes the plans and exact measurements to Chinchilla, together with color references taken from the Cromax Fan Deck. The whole procedure is a lengthy one.

Chinchilla explains, “As the cars we are working with are relatively old, my team and I start by stripping them down to see if any parts need replacing. There are then quite a few different and intricate stages, including ensuring we are true to the design. Depending on the state of the car and the complexity of the design, the whole process can take on average around 250 man-hours per vehicle.”

Chinchilla has been working with Cromax products for about 25 years. “I have tried many different brands but Cromax is the one that works best for me and my business. I take a lot of pride in my work and it always gives me the results I want,” he says. “Gili’s designs use bright colors and strong geometric lines. So when painting the designs on the cars, we start with the darker colors first and then move on to the lighter ones. The last color we apply is the white because it is the most delicate color to work with. For the next car, Jaime and I are currently testing matte finishes and metallic colors.”

Gili has also used Cromax paints for a recent series of paintings called Exile Fleet, as well as for a number of commissions for larger works on aluminum. Gili says, “It is obviously a very different medium to use compared to traditional paint. I still have a lot to learn, but I am discovering new possibilities and new ways in which to work with it, which is very exciting.”

Anthony Cashel, Marketing Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, says, “I was delighted when Jaime approached us to ask about Cromax. It’s great to see our products being used in unusual ways, and the results are fantastic.”

To see more of Jaime Gili’s work, visit his website at www.jaimegili.org. For more information on Cromax products and services, visit www.cromax.com/gb, or visit Axalta Worldwide at www.axaltacoatingsystems.com.