LONDON - A new study from London-based IRL provides an in‐depth analysis of the top global markets for architectural coatings, covering market shares and prices for the first time. The reports covers 21 key countries, consumption estimates in both volume and value terms, with 2014 as the base year, and forecasts to 2019.

IRL estimates global sales of architectural paints and coatings reached almost 27 million metric tonnes in 2014, with sales expected to reach over 33 million metric tonnes by 2019. In terms of value, global sales of architectural coatings reached $61 billion in 2014. Asia accounted for the largest share of the market value despite having a substantially lower average price compared to Western economies.

The majority of the market value was generated by sales of vinyl/styrene/VAE paints, followed by pure acrylic paints. The average price across these two categories varies substantially, with the latter being much more costly. The share of pure acrylic has been increasing in recent years and although it still has a small share in volume, it already accounts for a substantial share of the value.

The information in IRL’s reports is based on a comprehensive program of telephone interviews with key players in each country market, backed up by thorough secondary research and IRL’s in‐house database of global paints and coatings market data. For more information about the report, visit