TAMPA, FL – Tampa-based Black Diamond Coatings released a video showcasing the proper application of the company’s hardscape sealers that discusses how easy it is apply a sealer to pavers and the benefits that come with it.

In the video, David Warren, President of Black Diamond Coatings, and host Fred Henry discuss some of the benefits of the bio-based, environmentally friendly sealers while demonstrating how easy the products are to apply to masonry pavers.  The video features the company’s SG+ product, its most popular sealer, which incorporates a glossy look that draws out the natural color of the pavers while protecting the pavers from the environment.

The four-minute video adds to a growing amount of new content Black Diamond Coatings is making available through its website and YouTube channel. The videos and articles offer contractors and homeowners a better understanding on how to use the hardscape sealers Black Diamond Coatings offers while also highlighting other noteworthy educational tips across the growing hardscape industry.

This content is a direct result of contractor feedback requesting additional educational information regarding proper sealing techniques, joint stabilization strategies and other pressing topics within the hardscape industry.

Black Diamond Coatings is a producer of commercial-grade, bio-based, low-VOC sealers for pavers, concrete and wood. The hardscape sealers provide an enhanced visual appeal and allows for easier cleaning and maintenance of the paver and stone surfaces while aiding in joint stabilization.

To watch the video, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFAUMQPziaI