The UV inspection lantern is used to detect contamination that reacts under UV-illumination and cannot be seen with the naked eye. A robust, handheld rechargeable inspection spotlight with a power density of 15000µW at the hotspot and 1500µW/ cm2 at 38cm (15"), the UV inspection lantern is used to detect contamination such as some organic fats and alkaline contaminants. It is ideal to inspect the cleanliness of steel prior to painting.

It is delivered in a sturdy plastic suitcase complete with yellow safety glasses for optimal contrast. A recharger is included.

Features include the latest high-power UV LED 450 mW at 365nm wavelength; output UV light intensity > 1500µW/cm2 at 38cm; rechargeable Li-ion battery supply that provides 180 minutes of continuous inspection; a use life > 20,000 hours; single wavelength, no heat but deep UV light; and anodized aluminum lamp body, resisted to corrosion and stands up to years of heavy use.

The rugged meter housing features a removable rubber protective boot for better grip and to help prevent accidental breakage. It also provides superior protection against moisture contamination, shock and humidity. In addition, the XRP-3000 features a liquid- and water-resistant, sealed sensor housing with a special self-sealing ring to help eliminate light leakage.