Novapint™ D colorants are developed for water-based exterior architectural paints and plasters, while the universal Colortrend® 810 and Monicolor™ DW-BL ranges are developed for architectural applications including solvent-based paints. Both ranges offer a combination of conventional colorants that have excellent solar heat reflection properties and an innovative black colorant to replace carbon black or iron oxide black. These unique ranges of colorants enable the formulation of dark colors that achieve less heat absorption compared to conventional colorants.

Designed for in-plant production use, the Colortrend C & XC (low VOC) and Monicolor DW ranges for water-based applications offer high color strength and batch-to-batch consistency, providing a good base for achieving reproducible and economical colors. The colorant ranges are designed to ensure a good price/performance balance with a number of economical colorants for a lower overall tint cost. Visit