OBERBOIHINGEN, Germany – More than 470 exhibitors will be represented at the 6th PaintExpo, which takes place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre in Karlsruhe, Germany, April 19-22, 2016. Companies from 26 countries will present the world’s most comprehensive offerings for the optimization of liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating processes on more than 13,200 square meters (142,000 square feet) of net exhibition floor space. Innovations and developments ranging from pretreatment to quality control for practically all materials and material combinations will be unveiled.

Industrial coating technology will be the center of attention at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre. The exhibition program includes systems and application technology, pretreatment and cleaning, coatings, drying and cross-linking systems, conveyor technology, automation solutions and painting robots, measuring and test equipment, quality control, environmental engineering, accessories, consumable materials, packaging, and services.

“The exhibitors will showcase innovations, further developments and new trends in all of the trade fair segments, and not just as product displays, but rather with numerous live presentations,” reports Jürgen Haußmann, Managing Director of event promoter FairFair GmbH. For example, solutions targeted at integrating Industry 4.0 into the paint shop will be shown. And the latest developments in coating and curing geometrically complex parts with UV technology will be demonstrated live on site. A fully automated, compact powder coating system will be operated at PaintExpo as well. A system for cleaning conveyor system chains will be introduced at PaintExpo. It can be used in running production lines and helps minimize costly scrap and rework caused by falling contamination.

Further information and the exhibitor list can be accessed at www.paintexpo.de.