PITTSBURGH – PPG’s industrial coatings business has published three data sheets documenting PPG coating systems recognized under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for the UL 1332 Standard for Organic Coatings for Steel Enclosures for Outdoor Use Electrical Equipment (DTOV2). Electrical equipment manufacturers that coat metal substrates used in the assembly of transformers, substations, electrical enclosures, switchgear and lighting commonly require that coating systems they specify meet the requirements in Standard UL 1332.

The three data sheets cover liquid, powder and electrocoat (e-coat) products individually and list brands, resin chemistries and coating systems for each technology that are UL Recognized Components under Standard UL 1332. The data sheets also detail the pretreatment systems and substrates for which the recognition is valid.

Maria Lamorey, PPG Business Development Manager, Electrical Transmission and Distribution Equipment, said the data sheets enable PPG to quickly provide electrical equipment manufacturers with printed documentation for its systems recognized under the Component Recognition Program of UL.

“PPG has one of the largest collections of coating systems recognized by UL as components that meet applicable UL 1332 requirements,” she said. “In addition to providing the proof of certification required by manufacturers, the data sheets highlight PPG’s long-standing commitment to the electrical equipment industry and our ability to serve as a single-source supplier of a wide range of components.”

The UL 1332 standard is a set of requirements developed to determine if a system composed of a metallic substrate pretreated and finished with an organic coating system can achieve corrosion resistance equal to that provided by uncoated, hot-dipped, mill-galvanized G90 metal. Testing includes 600 hours of neutral salt spray and 1,200 hours of carbon-dioxide/sulfur-dioxide exposure on multiple scribed and unscribed panels finished with the tested coating applied in varying thicknesses.

PPG offers a comprehensive array of e-coat, pretreatment, liquid and powder products for metal finishing to manufacturers in numerous industries. In addition to providing a broad range of industrial coatings and a full spectrum of color choices, PPG backs its products with technical expertise delivered through an international customer support network.

Visit www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com to download the data sheets, or call 888/774.2001 to order hard copies of them.