GAINESVILLE, TX– IFS Coatings, a privately owned powder coatings company, has launched its 2016-17 color trends for powder coatings.

The IFS Color Trends 2016 are made up of five societal trends, each featuring its own color palette of 10-12 colors. The color trends are “Looking Back, Moving Forward,” “Health to Happiness,” “Eye to Mouth,” “Power of Play” and “What is Too Much?”

Glynn Mason, IFS President, commented, “Our color trend palettes range from a wistful collection of modern colors with their roots firmly planted in the past (Looking Back, Moving Forward), through soft, calming neutrals (Health to Happiness) to rich, heady brights that are reminiscent of the excesses in society today.”

The IFS color trends not only include colors but also the special effects that represent these trends.

Mason continued, “Delivering unparalleled product and service to the industry means we need to be able to advise our customers on what colors they will see in the next couple of years as well as provide those shades in high-quality powder coatings. I believe the IFS color matching capability is second to none, so delivering beautiful, competitively priced, quality powders in the latest trend colors simply comes naturally.”

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