GAINESVILLE, TX - Polychem Coatings, part of IFS Coatings, has launched its 2018-19 powder coating color trends.

The Polychem Powder Coatings Color Trends 2018-19 are made up of four trends, each featuring its own palette of colors. The color trends are Truth & Reality, Automation Nation, Attention Overload and The Need for Nurture.

Lauren Bayer, Polychem Manager, commented, “Our color trend palettes are carefully created to represent what’s happening in the world. From the blurring between truth and reality, fake news and our desire for authentic, to the need to step back, relax and wrap ourselves in a soft cocoon, the Polychem color trends showcase both colors and special effects that represent these trends.”

Truth and Reality features smoky greys, reflective chrome, multicomponent layers, wrinkles and a delicious dark newspaper print blue. Automation Nation showcases bright metallics, clean white, and a pixelated blue, green, yellow and orange. Attention Overload is a mix of eye-popping, clashing, attention-grabbing brights, and The Need for Nurture a soft, warm palette of smoky grays, pastel violets and blush pinks.

Bayer continues “We create thousands of colors for our customers every year and so ensuring the latest trends are available in beautiful, competitively priced, quality powders is simple.”

To see the Polychem color trends, visit or e-mail for free color trend sample chips.