BETHESDA, MD – The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) announced that terminology and definitions supportive of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and life cycle thinking have been added to a new version of ASTM C1193, Standard Guide for Use of Joint Sealants. The effort was a collaboration between ASC and ASTM, and was a result of work started in 2011 following the ASC Sustainability Forum held in Chicago.

“ASC initiated efforts focused on sustainability, resulting in language that defines sustainability terms for sealants, including adding important considerations such as service life prediction and environmental impacts,” reports Steve Duren, Senior Director of Member Services at ASC, and a 15-year member of ASTM C24. “ASC and ASTM C24 committee members worked collectively and diligently since 2011 to include new language, and we are pleased to have the effort pay off with the published ASTM C1193 document.”

“Although these efforts have taken some time to publish, the revised guide provides framework for future discussions with service life prediction and sustainability,” adds Duren. “Part of ASC’s long-range plan is to integrate community knowledge for the benefit of the industry as large, and this is a great example of the power of association. ASC will continue to help fuel standard development in ASTM C24 for Seals and Sealants.”

To learn more about ASC, visit or contact Steve Duren, Sr. Director of Member Services, at or 952/300.8280.