PHILADELPHIA - Axalta Coating Systems announced the global launch of its Alesta® Anti-Graffiti powder coatings product line after significant success in introducing anti-graffiti powder coatings throughout Europe.

Alesta Anti-Graffiti powder coatings protect against graffiti and reduce the time, effort and costs associated with repairing the damage caused by spray-painting vandals. The coatings are ideal for sound barriers along motorways and railway lines, marker boards, lockers, restrooms, information signs, indoor and outdoor recreation equipment, community facilities, and transportation terminals. Superior abrasion resistant properties make it an ideal anti-graffiti coating for metallic surfaces. In addition, the anti-graffiti product line offers good durability due to excellent chemical resistance, very good UV weathering properties and outstanding film hardness.

Noise barriers along highways and railways are popular among graffiti sprayers. Forster Metallbau GmbH is the first manufacturer that offers anti-graffiti noise barriers in Europe by using Alesta Anti-Graffiti powder coatings. Before that, there was no economical and efficient GSB-certified anti-graffiti powder coatings that were available on the market.

“Graffiti is a global problem not only because it is unattractive but also because the cleanup poses financial burdens on property owners,” explained Michael Cash, President of Industrial Coatings at Axalta. “Underlying paintwork is often damaged or destroyed by the cleaning process, incurring costs in manpower and repainting that can be needed to return the surface to its original appearance. Our Anti-Graffiti powder coatings can prevent this, saving time and money.”