At Booth 1962, Micro Powders, Inc. (MPI) is introducing PropylMatte 500, the company’s finest grade of high-melting micronized polypropylene for uniform gloss reduction with clarity, in-can stability and a smooth surface feel. PropylMatte 500 is suitable for use in all types of coatings, including water-based, solvent-based and UV, and is especially useful for thin-film coatings. PropylMatte 500 is also an ideal modifying additive for powder coatings, providing gloss reduction, reduced slip, efficient degassing, a pinhole-free surface, and improved surface adhesion to silicone sealants.

In addition, the company is launching Polyfluo® 900, a new benchmark in engineered high-performance surface additive technology. This complex polymeric mixture is fortified with a hard, inert ceramic component that provides a nearly 20% improvement in Taber abrasion verses other PTFE-modified polyethylene additives.

The PropylMatte family of polypropylene-based matting additives is being expanded with the addition of PropylMatte 31SA. This innovative fine powder combines the toughness and gloss reduction properties of polypropylene with the slip, lubricity and abrasion resistance properties of PTFE. PropylMatte 31SA is formulated to a density of 1.02, ensuring optimum stability in water-based, solvent-based and UV coatings.

Also being relaunched is the very successful PropylMatte 31HD, a densified polypropylene additive that provides gloss reduction, improved burnish and mar resistance, viscosity stability, and a smooth surface feel in both water-based and UV systems.