Lonza is launching a new addition to the Proxel® range of preservatives into the U.S. market at Booth 1055. This new, innovative in-can preservative is designed to address the challenging global regulatory requirements in the industry.

Proxel LS preservative is a dual-active, broad-spectrum biocide for wet-state preservation of water-based paints, adhesives and construction chemicals. This novel formulation offers powerful, broad-spectrum protection at target dose levels and is easily compatible with the target formulations.

Proxel LS preservative is free of formaldehyde, MIT and VOCs, and is pH and temperature stable. It benefits from the use of two complementary active ingredients providing an enhanced antimicrobial efficacy and protection from bacteria, yeasts and molds in a wide range of industrial applications.

David Tierney, Global Business Director, said, “In recent years, we have seen increasing pressure from both regulatory bodies and NGOs to reduce sensitization potential from preservation systems. Proxel LS Preservative has been developed in response to this pressure whilst providing robust, long-term preservation for the target industries.”

Further information can be found at www.lonza.com.