EPS continues to innovate acrylic polymers with a full breadth of capabilities to serve the architectural, industrial and construction markets. Stop by Booth 2061 to see, touch and feel a true difference.

The company’s new DTM resinis an all-acrylic emulsion that provides lower VOC than solvent-based systems with superior weather and barrier properties. With long pot life, fast dry and low odor, this product can be used for interior and exterior DTM use.

EPS® 2741is a versatile, architectural, APE-free, 100% all-acrylic film-forming polymer offering both interior and exterior formulation capability with excellent performance in scrub resistance, stain removal, washability and dirt pick-up resistance.

 EPS’ Durable Concrete Sealer formulates to a hard, weatherable and water-resistant coating to protect and seal concrete surfaces. Visitors can see a true visual difference where “EPS leaves its competition in the dirt.”

Formulators can tint waterborne coatings with NovoColor® SF to achieve the ultimate transparency. Designed specifically for wood and metal substrates where a high degree of transparency is desired. See it, touch and feel it at Booth 2061.