Visitors to BASF Booth 1431 will see a wide range of sustainable coatings solutions for the architectural, construction, transportation, industrial, furniture and flooring markets in the areas of latex polymers, binders, resins, pigments, colorants, minerals, and formulation and performance additives.

“The American Coatings Conference and Trade Show is an ideal event for us to share our industry resources and the breadth and depth of our product offerings with customers across market sectors,” says Gerry Podesta, Senior Vice President, BASF Dispersions & Pigments, North America. “We hope to inspire new ideas and help address challenges by offering the most versatile portfolio of products and solutions available.”

With an emphasis on formulation expertise, BASF is hosting “Formulate on the Floor” sessions so attendees can bring product or industry challenges to the show and consult with a member of the Formulations Services Institute (FSI). The FSI is a cross-functional team dedicated to addressing common industry challenges to provide a holistic approach to customer service in tandem with the technical services teams.  

During the show, BASF announced the launch of three new globally available pigments, Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold EH 0908 and Cinquasia® Uniflow Magenta EH 4504 and EH 4555, which will help enhance styling options across a variety of product markets.

Formulation additives featured at the booth include:

·Attagel® 50, an ultrafine, premium-grade rheology modifier that offers increased sag resistance. It is recommended for use in aqueous or solventborne coating systems such as primers and topcoats, maintenance and marine finishes, semigloss and gloss enamels, as well as asphalt coatings and plastisols.

·Dispex® Ultra PX 4525, a universal wetting and dispersing agent. It improves gloss development, color intensity and color acceptance.

·Hydropalat WE 3650, a wetting agent that offers excellent dynamic surface tension reduction in combination with low foam stabilization.

·Efka PB 2744, a new, ultralow-VOC de-aerator providing excellent efficiency, long-term persistence and effectiveness against macro and micro-foam.

·Efka FA 4609 shows outstanding performance in dispersing and stabilizing inorganic pigments, in particular titanium dioxide.

·Mattex® PRO, a specially engineered kaolin product for use in flat architectural coatings. In addition to providing very high scrub and burnish resistance, Mattex PRO also simplifies paint formulations by eliminating the use of flatting agents.

·Rheovis® PU 1235, a nonionic associative HEUR thickener designed to impart low-shear viscosity with moderate contribution to high-shear viscosity in latex-based paints.

·Rheovis PE 1331, an associative thickener designed for high-shear build for one-coat coverage while offering superior sag resistance.

·Rheovis PE 1332, an excellent high-shear thickener that imparts excellent flow.

·Rheovis PU 1191, a strong low-shear thickener with excellent performance and easy handling.

·Tinuvin® 249, a brand-new, nonbasic liquid HALS that is compatible with a broad range of resins. It offers migration resistance in polar epoxy-carboxy systems and is suitable for plastic and metal coatings. Low viscosity and good color stability round out the features, which makes it a good primary toolbox HALS.

Dispersions featured at the booth include:

·Acronal® 4236, an all-acrylic dispersion used in wallboard, offering increased sound damping effects.

·Acronal 4848, recommended for use in high-performance elastomeric roof coatings. This product offers superior tensile strength, elongation and weatherability. Excellent dirt pick-up resistance and APEO free.

·Acronal 5442, an acrylic dispersion used in the base coats of exterior insulation and finishing systems and cement modification.

·Acronal EDGE 4050 acrylic dispersion for semigloss interior paints.

·Acronal EDGE 4247 X all-acrylic dispersion for premium exterior surfaces, offering superior dirt pick up resistance.

·Acronal EDGE 4750, a high-performance all-acrylic designed for interior and exterior flat to semigloss paints.

·Acronal PLUS 4230, an all-acrylic resin optimized for high-performance 50 g/L VOC, freeze/thaw resistant. Available in flat and satin formulations.

Pigments featured include:

·Lumina Royal mica-based interference pigments, which provide the highest chromaticity available in a range of shades from greenish blues through trending copper and oranges. These products continue to expand the color space potential for brilliant interior and exterior coatings. Lumina Royal Dragon Gold EH 0908 is brand new and follows the launch of Magenta in 2015 and prior introductions of Copper, Indigo, Aqua, and Blue. These pigments set the standard in colored mica interference pigments for automotive and industrial applications.

·Paliocrom® Sparkling Red, now available to open up the red and violet color spaces with an intense sparkling effect pigment. It compliments Paliocrom Brilliant Gold and Orange, which are based on thin silver dollar aluminum flakes to provide high chroma and lightness in face with an attractive dark down flop. The Paliocrom Brilliant series also provides superior hiding power compared to other colored effect pigments while enabling high gloss automotive finishes.  

·Sicopal® Green L 9715, a Pigment Green (P.G.) 50 that does not require carcinogenic labeling as other P.G. 50s do. The L 9715 is similar in chroma, opacity, and durability to other P.G. 50 products.

·Irgazin® Scarlet EH 2096 (L 3553 HD), a new yellow-shade Pigment Red 255 for general industrial paint, powder and architectural coatings applications. It is suitable for both solvent and water applications and is a highly durable pigment.

·Cinquasia Uniflow Magenta EH 4505 and EH 4555, two new magenta pigments – targeted  for the automotive, refinish and high-end industrial markets – that widen the existing magenta color space and can be used as a tint pigment to create highly saturated and chromatic red, violet and blue effect shades. Both pigments exhibit extraordinary flow behavior, offer high pigment load in most solvent and waterborne paint systems, and also display high efficiency, tint strength and transparency.

Featured resins include:

·Acronal® PRO 80 na, a next-generation polymer emulsion for medium-duty anticorrosion primers and fillers for industrial metal coating applications. This product provides corrosion protection, barrier and inhibiting properties, good adhesion, early rain resistance, high PVC and low odor.

·Joncryl® HYB 6340, an acrylic/PUD hybrid for high-quality water-based clearcoats on wood for professional flooring and high-performance furniture.

·Joncryl 2990 X, a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion for “wet look” cementitious substrates.