Dow Corning is showcasing the four newest additions to its product portfolio for the coatings industry at Booth 249. These include Dow Corning® 108F Additive, Dow Corning 8590 Additive, Dow Corning 2405 Resin and Dow Corning 3055 Resin. In addition to their exceptional performance, these advanced silicone technologies support environmental protection in a number of ways, including minimizing volatiles, saving energy and avoiding the use of tin catalysts.

“Dow Corning continues to add distinctive new solutions to our broad range of multifunctional silicones to help customers improve the performance and sustainability of their paints, inks and coatings,” said Jessica Ding, Coatings Market Leader for Dow Corning. “Our additives solve processing problems and deliver exceptional performance, and our silicone resins significantly improve the resistance of protective coatings to moisture, corrosion, temperature extremes and weathering. Dow Corning will continue to invest in new silicone technologies that meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.”

Dow Corning 108F Additive delivers a precise balance of foam control and compatibility in low-to-medium pigment volume concentration (PVC) water-based coatings and inks. This highly efficient defoaming agent is specifically designed for premium gloss applications, such as wood coatings, industrial coatings and inks. Its diluted delivery form simplifies dosing and usage. From an environmental perspective, Dow Corning 108F Additive minimizes emission of VOCs and is formulated without alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO).

Dow Corning 8590 Additive, another high-performance foam control material, is well suited for use in a wide range of waterborne paints, inks and coatings, including acrylic styrene emulsion paints, acrylic urethane emulsion paints and Flexographic inks. Its near-universal applicability allows manufacturers with multiple formulations to streamline their supply chains. It performs well at low dosages, will not impact gloss, features low VOC emissions and is APEO-free.

Dow Corning 2405 Resin, a solventless methyl methoxy resin, cures within 60 min at ambient temperature when catalyzed by titanium compounds, significantly reducing energy requirements. It forms a medium-hard coating with high heat resistance (up to 650 °C with black and aluminum pigments) and excellent solvent resistance. It helps formulators overcome brittleness, poor impact resistance and film-building constraints associated with traditional high-temperature-resistant resins, and it cures without tin catalysts, further contributing to their sustainability goals. With Dow Corning 2405 Resin, formulators have an option to significantly extend the formulating space for room-temperature-curing, high-temperature-resistant coatings.

Dow Corning 3055 Resin delivers amine functionality that stands apart from traditional organic amine polymers in its ability to react with urethane, epoxy, polyester and other organic resins. It does not require catalysts and/or ambient moisture for crosslinking and curing, and with < 1 percent residual solvent, Dow Corning 3055 Resin allows for the formulation of low VOCs. It also improves physical properties – such as increased flexibility, thermal stability and acid resistance and lower water absorption – and long-term coatings performance, beginning at loadings as low as 6 percent. At higher usage levels (30 to 60 percent), Dow Corning 3055 Resin can meet the demands of specialty applications in very harsh environments.