AVON, OH – Specialty chemicals distributor Maroon Group LLC has been recognized by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for its commitment to reduce waste, improve efficiency and continuously work to progress as an environmental steward.

Maroon Group met the criteria for the Achievement Level of the agency’s Encouraging Environmental Excellence Program, which requires participants to demonstrate significant progress in at least seven environmental stewardship criteria. Maroon Group participates in NACD Responsible Distribution®, a third-party-verified environmental, health, safety, and security program administered by the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD). Responsible Distribution enables companies to demonstrate their commitment to continuous performance improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation and disposal.

“Continued growth comes with greater responsibility, and we at Maroon Group are proud to receive this recognition from the Ohio EPA,” said Mark E. Reichard, Maroon Group President and CEO. “The employees of Maroon Group take our responsibility to the environment seriously, and we will continue to seek out areas where we can improve as environmental stewards.”

Many of Maroon Group’s resource conservation activities are part of the “Maroon is Green” program, aimed at collectively reducing the company’s carbon footprint through recycling and energy efficiency while encouraging employee involvement and continuous improvement. The company also engages in pollution prevention efforts by focusing on strict handling and containment procedures to prevent chemical spills or releases and reduces the environmental impacts associated with extensive long-haul shipping with strategically placed warehouse facilities that allow next-day delivery service to 65 percent of North America’s industrial manufacturers.

“We applaud Maroon Group for their commitment to conservation, energy efficiency and pollution control,” said Eric R. Byer, President and CEO of NACD. “As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Responsible Distribution, we are delighted to see distributors like Maroon Group achieving economic success while making positive strides in reducing their environmental impact.”