ASHLAND, VA/ABINGDON, UK – Green Biologics Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Green Biologics Ltd., a UK industrial biotechnology and renewable chemicals company, announced a distribution agreement with Acme-Hardesty, a division of Jacob Stern & Sons Inc. and a leading U.S. supplier of biobased chemicals. Acme-Hardesty will focus its efforts on marketing Green Biologics’ renewable n-butanol and acetone for high-value applications in food ingredients, cleaning products and bio-lubricants.

“We’re pleased to announce this partnership with Acme-Hardesty,” said Timothy G. Staub, Global Vice President of Business Development for Green Biologics. “Acme-Hardesty’s history in sustainable chemistry reaches back to the 1880s with Jacob Stern & Sons, and we’re delighted to align Green Biologics with this outstanding industry leader.”

Using a proprietary fermentation platform, Green Biologics is able to produce higher quality chemicals that are molecularly identical to their petro-based counterparts without the associated contaminants produced through traditional routes. Compared to traditional fermentation platforms, the Green Biologics platform can significantly reduce both the production cost and the capital cost of implementation.

The company’s first commercial production facility for renewable n-butanol and acetone is currently being constructed in Little Falls, MN.  Start-up of operations at the plant is scheduled for later this year, with shipments to customers anticipated by the fourth quarter of 2016.