X-Rite Auto SC is a color-matching software solution that delivers a robust search-and-correct capability for accurate color matching between automotive refinish formulas and car parts. In one step, refinishers will improve consistency of repairs across locations and shifts, reducing waste and eliminating unnecessary rework. This will reduce costs for auto refinishers, who often need to use extra paint in areas adjacent to the damaged area if a good match cannot be achieved.

Auto SC incorporates several innovations in color-matching technology. In contrast to current auto-refinishing solutions, which use simple colorimetric data to match color, Auto SC utilizes spectral values. These spectral data enable Auto SC to achieve faster and more accurate color matches. A next-generation effect formulation engine also contributes to Auto SC’s accuracy. The engine predicts the influence of all types of toners – including the latest special effects toners - on paint appearance and incorporates this information into the final color match. Auto SC supports X-Rite’s family of MA9X multi-angle spectrophotometers, providing a total solution for accurate and reliable measurements of both traditional and special effects paints and coatings.

Auto SC can be distributed and managed across a network of refinishing locations. Customers work in collaboration with X-Rite to develop a calibration set for each paint line and import the data to Auto SC from a central location. The import utility merges spectral data and metadata from existing formulation libraries into a database usable by Auto SC and accessed by all authorized locations.

For companies that have their own body shop formula search software, X-Rite provides an Application Programing Interface that enables integration into existing software for correction and advanced search metrics. This protects existing investments and maintains current work processes while improving paint formulations and color matches.

Auto SC is offered in a software-as-a-service and includes ongoing application support to optimize processes, improve performance and add new paint systems.

Visit http://www.xrite.com/automotive-color-management.