COLUMBUS, OH - The Powder Coating (PC) Summit brings together powder coating industry professionals to exchange ideas on the next generation of coating technology. The summit will take place in Columbus, Ohio October 4-5, 2016. 

The PC Summit brings attendees face-to-face with prominent experts in the powder coating industry for two full days of intensive dialogue, lab demonstrations and tabletop exhibits. Attendees will hear from an array of industry engineers and formulators, as well as top researchers. Attendees will learn about the emerging powder technology that promises to change finishing processes, as well as the fundamental research feeding these advancements. 

Sessions cover subjects from chemistry and formulation to pretreatment and applications through many types of curing, touching on aspects of powder coating on various materials and the newest developments in coating technology. Coupled with the vast knowledge offered during the lectures, there will be hands-on lab demonstrations at the Powder Coating Research Group. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore the tabletop exhibits and view student posters while networking with professionals during the reception after the first day of sessions. 

Visit and click on the Events tab, then scroll to PC Summit for complete details and registration information.