SAN DIEGO – EAG Inc., a scientific services company, has combined its 11 market-facing brands under a singular entity: EAG Laboratories. Following multiple acquisitions in recent years, the move is designed to bring together broad capabilities in the materials, engineering and life sciences sectors. EAG Laboratories will leverage scientific talent in its 20 locations in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, strengthening its offering for each of the vertical markets it serves.

“Over the last decade, EAG has quietly added capabilities through complementary acquisitions and service line expansions in the high-growth contract research and testing space,” said Siddhartha Kadia, President and CEO, EAG Laboratories. “We’ve built a problem-solving culture in which our scientists and engineers go beyond simply delivering data; they interpret results and find answers that support our clients’ commercial success. That is something today’s technology-driven companies need from their outsourcing partners, and it makes EAG unique in the scientific services arena. By unifying multidisciplinary expertise under one brand, we simplify delivery of our services to enhance our customer relationships.”

Moving forward, the following brands will be known as EAG Laboratories: Evans Analytical Group, ABC Laboratories, Chemir Analytical Services, SEAL Laboratories, PTRL West, PTRL Europe, Wildlife International, Shiva Technologies, NanoScience, Accurel and MEFAS.

EAG Laboratories offers an extensive range of testing, analytical and characterization services (including environmental testing, custom synthesis and radiolabeling, crop sciences, drug development, materials testing, contaminant identification, failure analysis, engineering services, consulting, and expert testimony) to companies operating across a broad range of markets, including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical devices, crop protection, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, wearables and other consumer products, among others.