NEW ORLEANS - Organizers of the 44th Annual International Waterborne, High-Solids and Powder Coatings Symposium are inviting industry professionals to submit abstracts for presentations at the symposium, which will be held February 19-24, 2017, in New Orleans. Abstracts are due Sept. 15, 2016.

Industry professionals are invited to submit papers pertaining to new and emerging technologies related to materials, processes, production, characterization, application and markets in the field of surface coatings. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to, waterborne, high solids, nano structure and technology, emulsion, additives, corrosion, UV, pigments, and powder coatings.

Papers will be selected based on the submitted abstracts. All speakers must submit a paper for publication in the annual proceedings book of the symposium. Papers principally commercial in nature will not be accepted. Papers must be original and represent recent advancements in coatings science or related disciplines.

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