MIDDLEBORO, MA – Brookfield AMETEK is offering its Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements this fall. The course is designed to help Brookfield AMETEK Viscometer users understand the functionality of their instrument, solve the mysteries of fluid behavior and Rheology, and create successful and repeatable viscosity test methods for use in both research and development and QA/QC environments.

The course is offered at Brookfield AMETEK’s headquarters in Middleboro, Massachusetts, and at major cities across the United States. An advanced course, Lab Day/Advanced Viscosity Test Methods, is an on-demand course covering more advanced viscosity topics utilizing sample testing. This is a one-day course that focuses on the customer’s interests, formulations and processing problems. The course covers viscosity and related rheological measurements, including yield stress, shear rate ramps, viscosity vs. temperature profiles, creep and viscoelastic behavior.

Visit www.brookfieldengineering.com/services/educational-programs or call 800/628.8139 or 508/946.6200 for course information and registration.