PARSIPPANY, NJ – Manufacturing plants, commercial buildings and municipalities all rely on pumping systems for daily operations. In the manufacturing sector alone, pumps represent 27% of electricity used by industrial systems. As pumping systems across all industrial sectors represent the highest energy use, they also represent the greatest potential to save energy and reduce maintenance related expenses.

The self-paced, online PSA Certificate Program teaches the essential processes and steps needed to conduct complex pumping system audits and identify high-value optimization opportunities in industrial and commercial systems. The eight-part program covers topics such as hydraulic systems behavior, understanding the interaction of pumps and system components. It outlines methods to collect, measure, analyze, document and manage conclusions in a pumping systems assessment process.

“This PSA Certificate Program is one way we can connect HI’s knowledge and expertise, to the needs of the end-user, and the energy efficiency community,” notes Michael Michaud, Executive Director, Hydraulic Institute (HI). “The PSA program will help organizations integrate what HI has long taught through its best-selling pump systems optimization course, into a methodology that can be integrated into an organization’s processes - and ultimately their culture. Pump System Optimization shouldn’t be a one-time effort, and we hope that through HI’s programs, regular assessments can become part of the maintenance, operational and management culture of pump-intensive industries.”

The online PSA program, with fully integrated module testing, is designed for professionals who work in energy management and power generation as well as those who operate and maintain any pumping system. This program is part of a growing suite of educational programs coming from HI that focuses on the fundamentals of rotodynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps.

The PSA Program offers eight professional development hours and a certificate of completion. The program is available now at For more information on the PSA Program, contact Mark Sullivan, Director, Education and Marketing, Hydraulic Institute at or call 973/349.5329.