NEW ORLEANS ‒ Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies (APMT), a company delivering online monitoring and control products for polymer manufacturers, has entered into a strategic partnership with Austin Chemical Co., a provider of distribution and logistics services to the health sciences and specialty fine chemicals industries.

The partnership will leverage the products and services from APMT with Austin Chemical’s industry knowledge and expertise in key application areas for APMT products and services in polymers and pharmaceuticals.

“Our collaboration with Austin Chemical will expand the reach of our offerings to an international network of manufacturers and researchers. Austin’s reputation and 40-year history of success in the specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industries makes this an exciting new partnership for our company,” said Alex Reed, CEO of APMT.

Initially, the Austin Chemical team will focus its efforts on applications for APMT’s ACOMP product, which is an automated means of monitoring polymers during synthesis and other processing steps. APMT also expects to work with Austin on pharmaceutical applications related to APMT’s ARGEN product, which has unique capabilities for assessing stability and aggregation of biopharmaceuticals.

“Both the ACOMP and ARGEN products are tremendous additions to Austin Chemical’s offerings. The data streams generated from these products have the potential to revolutionize research and manufacturing in these industries. We are excited to be working with a dynamic company like APMT,” said Sam Ponticelli, Chairman and CEO of Austin Chemical.