NEW ORLEANS - Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies Inc.’s co-founder and CEO, Alex Reed, was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Manufacturing/Industry category. Based in New Orleans, Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies Inc. (APMT) ships patented analytical instruments that support product development and real-time monitoring of production for two major industries:  polymeric materials and biotechnology. The focus of the company is to reduce production costs, improve product quality, enable more efficient use of energy and non-renewable resources, and to reduce emissions and other pollutants, while enhancing worker safety.

Dr. Bill Bottoms, APMT’s Chairman, said, “Alex has led APMT since its founding, assembling a core team of engineers, completing development of initial offerings for two product lines and qualification of APMT’s Automatic Continuous On-line Monitoring of Polymer reactions (ACOMP) at a major polymer manufacturer. All this was accomplished with operating funds from customers and contracts. This is what entrepreneurs aspire to but few ever accomplish.”