LEVERKUSEN, Germany/ LUXEMBOURG - LANXESS and OCSiAl have officially entered into a collaboration that will result in production and marketing of an expanded line of TUBALL™ single-wall carbon nanotube-based conductive additives for applications in various industries. These innovative and easy-to-use products are providing electrical surface and volume conductivity to a range of materials, such as waterborne coatings, batteries and other materials that are compatible with waterborne suspensions, without compromising other key properties.

The long-term collaboration between LANXESS, a specialty chemicals company, and OCSiAl, the world’s largest manufacturer of single-wall carbon nanotubes, has been evolving into a close partnership.

Rhenofit® CNT-3, CNT-4 and CNT-5 comprise a line of waterborne suspensions based on TUBALL that are already being produced by LANXESS on an industrial scale. Rhenofit CNT-3 is designed for the use in combination with different latex rubbers, to create homogenous mixed rubber compounds with electrical and thermal conductivity. Rhenofit CNT-4 is designed to allow nanotubes to be easily incorporated into electrodes for lithium-ion batteries, reinforcing the electrode structure and improving its mechanical stability during cycling, and thus doubling the cycle life of the battery. Rhenofit CNT-5, and also Rhenofit CNT-3, are easy-to-use single-wall carbon nanotube suspensions that provide permanent antistatic properties to paints and coatings with minimal impact on their color or mechanical properties.