SPECTRACRON® SPM Series DTM (direct-to-metal) monocoat is a one-component coating that helps prevent corrosion on heavy-duty, transportation, agricultural and construction equipment.

Spectracron SPM coating represents a significant technical advance because it is engineered for direct application to pretreated metal substrates while providing corrosion resistance that is comparable to traditional two-component primer-topcoat systems. The proprietary high-solids, high-gloss formulation also enables Spectracron SPM coating to be applied over pretreatment chemistries such as iron-phosphate, zinc-phosphate and zirconium at supplier-recommended weights.

Scott Laney, PPG Product Manager, Liquid Coatings, said the ability to protect metal with a single-component coating offers several benefits for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). “Spectracron SPM coating can help OEMs cut production space requirements, inventories and labor costs while improving throughput by eliminating the need to apply primer during the coating process.”

Laney added that flash times and cure temperatures for Spectracron SPM coating are similar to those commonly associated with current urethane topcoats, eliminating concerns about fast wet-on-wet application times and enabling the coating to work without constraints on existing paint lines.

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