GERMANTOWN, OH — Recycled Shingle Solutions (RSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dupps Co., has appointed RE Carroll Inc., of Ewing, New Jersey, to distribute Harmonite™ powders. Harmonite is manufactured using a patented process that diverts used asphalt shingles headed for the landfill and converts them into a unique finely divided, organic/inorganic composite powder rich in polar resins and asphaltenes. 

Jeff Hendrix, RSS Executive Director, said, “It’s always a pleasure when two well-respected multi-generational family businesses can collaborate to grow both companies. We are looking forward to working with the staff at RE Carroll to expand our market coverage and increase sales of our unique Harmonite powders in the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers markets.”

Harmonite is a multi-functional product that can be used as an economical base compound for building new product formulations, or as a specialty performance additive to enhance existing formulations and replace or reduce consumption of more expensive compounds. Harmonite has been used in various formulations to shorten cure times, increase product strength, increase viscosity and increase tack. It is suited for use in a broad array of industrial applications in construction, road repair and maintenance, and other diverse markets. It has been used successfully in mastics, hot melt pressure-sensitive butyl flashing tapes, roofing membranes, cold patch, crack fillers and sealers to name a few.

RE Carroll has been serving the chemical processing industry since 1925. With warehouses in New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia and Texas, the firm sells raw materials used in adhesives, paint and coatings, plastics, rubber, and related industries.