WALL-LOK™ exterior elastomeric wall coating for waterproofing is a preventative exterior maintenance product for commercial structures. It is a coating solution that acts as both an effective waterproofing and UV-protective barrier.

Optimal for use across brick, concrete, masonry and exterior insulation finishing systems, WALL-LOK forms a durable, tough waterproofing film on the surface of the building. The barrier created by the acrylic-based coating and sealer is 10-times thicker than standard paint. WALL-LOK prevents water penetration, one of the most significant enemies to a building. The coating blocks the formation of harmful mold, algae and mildew by eliminating moisture migration into the vertical and horizontal grout line of walls. Additionally, it prevents mortar from crumbling due to water penetration, as well as inhibits salt stains and the rusting of steel and iron.

The high-performance product also contains reflective material that shields the structure from harmful ultraviolet rays, which are a common cause of both exterior color fading and degradation and the transfer of heat into the building. It effectively maintains the outer appearance of the building exterior while reducing interior cooling needs and costs.

WALL-LOK is optimal for use on commercial structures including existing apartment communities, industrial warehouse facilities, retail properties and office buildings. The high-fill thick coating and sealer is both flexible and stretchable. These characteristics make it ideal for bridging non-structural cracks and defective joints from hairline cracks up to 1/16 of an inch wide. It is available in a variety of colors including shades of white, tan and gray. Custom colors are also available.

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