Chemline fast-set spray polyurea coatings protect concrete and precast concrete by preventing moisture migration from the surface into the substrate, where it can cause significant corrosion to the internal rebar and impact structural integrity. Chemline coatings also reduce costly down time on the plant floor by allowing for a quick return of treated materials to production. With virtually no odor or flammability, Chemline polyurea applications are less disruptive or hazardous to the adjacent workforce.

Compared to slow-curing epoxies, acrylics, vinyls, paints, urethanes and rapid-cement-repair polymers, Chemline’s polyruea coatings offer above-average physical properties with extremely low permeability. Coatings may be applied to damp surfaces (product specific) and in below-freezing temperatures and still cure immediately, permitting materials to be handled in minutes. More features and benefits of Chemline polyurea concrete coatings include:

  • No VOCs and little to no odor;
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock, various caustics and mild acids;
  • Unlimited mil thickness in single application;
  • Weather tolerant (cures -25 °F to > 300 °F, even in high humidity);
  • Flexible for bridging cracks; and
  • Available in both potable water and USDA-approved formulations.

Chemline’s rapid-curing polyurea coatings are designed for use on concrete and precast concrete surfaces including manhole interiors, decorative precast lawn ornaments, bridge deck supports (i.e. girders, deck plates and vertical-support columns), parking deck structures, tank farm containment basins, wastewater treatment plants/holding basins, pulp/paper mill floors, containment walls, exterior basement waterproofing and potable water containment.

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