Vencorex announced the completion of industrial projects that include the expansion of monomer (HDI and IPDI) capacity in France (Pont de Claix site), a new derivatives unit (Tolonate™) at its Rayong, Thailand, plant, and a new waterborne derivatives (Easaqua™) production chain at its Freeport, Texas, site.

“Vencorex teams have been fully committed to these industrial projects and delivered on expected targets. The Sales and Marketing teams are now focusing to serve the market with capacity that follows the growth demand of our customers,” said Xavier Fournier, Vencorex CEO.

The completion of major product expansions will allow Vencorex to become a truly global company with strong monomer integration. The value chain will be even further enhanced in months to come when the company completes another project modernizing electrolysis chlorine production in France. With this foundation established, Vencorex will be in the position to invest further in derivative line expansions where the company sees growth.