PPG has published a general electrical brochure and three sell sheets highlighting coatings solutions for manufacturers of transformers, switchgear, enclosures, lighting fixtures and other electrical components.

The general electrical finishes brochure details product and performance benefits associated with PPG liquid, powder, electrocoat (e-coat) and pretreatment technologies, and it uses photos to guide manufacturers through the best options for each type of electrical component. Highlighted brands include SPECTRACRON® liquid coatings, ENVIROCRON® powder coatings, POWERCRON® e-coats and ZIRCOBOND®, X-BOND and ULTRAGUARD™ pretreatment products.

The six-page brochure is accompanied by three one-page sell sheets each providing more details about coating specific types of electrical equipment.

The transformer coatings sell sheet explains the advantages of using multi-technology PPG coatings systems to protect pole- and pad-mounted as well as submersible transformers from common environmental hazards such as corrosion, UV exposure, chemical attack, thermal cycling and abrasion.

The switchgear and enclosure coatings sell sheet covers PPG’s complete portfolio of coatings and technologies for switchgear manufacturers and their suppliers. A chart highlights specific chemistries, color availability and performance attributes for more than a dozen PPG coatings and pretreatment systems.

The lighting fixtures coatings sell sheet presents PPG’s full array of coatings brands and technologies. These include specialty products such as bright, high-reflectance white coatings for interior lighting systems; corrosion-, chemical- and UV-resistant coatings for outdoor lighting systems; and medical, food-grade, antimicrobial and NSF-certified coatings for hospitals, food-processing facilities and other hygienic environments.

Visit www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com to download or order the brochure.