ALICANTE, Spain - Smithers Rapra is currently recruiting for papers from experts at the forefront of the titanium dioxide (TiO2) industry for the TiO2 World Summit and from leaders in the industrial pigments and colorants sector for the Pigment & Colour Science Forum, taking place Oct. 3-5, 2017, in Alicante, Spain.

General topics to be considered include a pigment industry overview, industry consolidation, and market drivers in the paint and coatings industry. Topics related to the TiO2 industry could include market outlook, the state of play in China, feedstock minerals, regulation and safety, breakthroughs in research and development, and cutting-edge process developments. Suggested topics in the pigments category include color perceptions (from market to consumer), advances in color science, color popularity and future trends in automotive colors, innovation across textiles and cosmetics, pigment properties (process revolutions for enhanced performance), and novel opportunities across the value chain. 

Industry professionals interested in sharing insights into any of the above topics, or another topic related to TiO2 or pigment and color innovations, should complete the relevant online abstract form by May 5, 2017, or contact the conference producer, Jasmine Okure, at

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Click here to submit an abstract for the Pigment & Colour Science Forum.