Like in many other industries, paint and coating products require the appropriate liquid filling machines to help properly fill product into cans and other containers. Because paints and coatings are highly viscous, they need liquid fillers and other packaging machinery that are designed to handle these products.

Using Filling Machines to Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Liquid fillers are integral to liquid packaging lines, with automated models capable of maximizing efficiency. Without this equipment, the filling process wouldn’t be reliable enough to ensure that no product loss occurs because of inaccurate fill levels.

Technological developments that are creating more automation and computerizing many of the components in filling machines have made them more dependable than ever before, with many of the best models designed to allow for full customization and user friendliness.

Types of Liquid Fillers

Paint and other similar types of liquids are designed to cling to surfaces, and as a result, are highly viscous. Their thickness makes it necessary to use liquid fillers and other packaging machines that are designed to handle and efficiently package these products while resisting their effects. The use of appropriate liquid filling machines will prevent build up and other types of compromises during the packaging process.

Facilities will want to utilize machines that are specifically intended for the filling of products such as indoor paint, exterior paint, paint thinners, printing ink, adhesives, lacquer, solvents and cleaning chemicals.

Net Weigh Fillers

One type of liquid filler that can meet the needs of the paint and coatings industry is the net weigh filling machine. Designed to handle products of low to high viscosity, net weigh fillers are ideal for filling liquids in bulk quantities, such as 5-gallon pails, with consistent weight levels for each container.

Net weigh fillers work by using independently timed valves with custom programming through the filler’s computer. They can then fill precise amounts of liquid by gravity into containers, stopping once the liquid reaches the specified weight.

These fillers can fill many different types and sizes of containers, with many of the top models capable of lasting for many years.

Pump Fillers

Many pump filling machines are also designed to handle liquid products of varying viscosities, including many thicker liquids. Like net weigh fillers, they can also fill containers of many different size and shape specifications, making them ideal for bulk quantities of paint and coating products.

Contemporary pump fillers typically feature an easily programmable computer that allows for custom fill settings, helping ensure that each container receives the same amount of liquid to prevent product loss.

Volumetric Piston Fillers

Another type of liquid filler that paint and coating products can benefit from is a volumetric piston filler, which is great for thick products. Using a customized piston filler, liquid packaging lines can keep the filling process consistently efficient.

You can speak with a packaging expert to determine which type of machinery is ideal for your application, depending on the type of production line you need this equipment for,

Other Types of Liquid Packaging Machines

Apart from liquid fillers, paint and coating product packaging lines should equip many different types of liquid packaging machines that keep every step of the process consistently efficient. A combination of cappers, labelers, bottle cleaners and conveyors can all serve a valuable purpose in a production line.

Capping Machines

Once containers are filled with product, they require caps to prevent spillage and contamination. Capping machines can effectively cover bottles and containers of many types, meeting the specific size and shape specifications of each product. Depending on the type of cap, you may want to use an automatic vertical wheel plugger, chuck capper, snap capper or spindle capper.

Cappers can also come with certain accessories to further improve efficiency, including cap elevators, sorters and pre-feeders.


Another vital piece of machinery to packaging systems is a labeler. Labeling machines can apply labels of varying materials to each container, including clear, Mylar or paper labels. Labeling machines are also customizable in most cases to fit many different types of containers with labels displaying custom text, logos and images prior to shipping.

Bottle Cleaners

It is important to make sure that your products’ bottles are clean prior to filling, ensuring that potential contaminants don’t oxidize or otherwise affect the consistency of the paint or coating inside. Bottle cleaners can effectively remove all dust and other particulate that can result in product spoilage.


Using liquid fillers and other types of liquid packaging equipment in your facilities can give you everything you need to maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness in the packaging process.

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