Münzing is a specialty additive company committed to creating value and improving customers’ formulations with a wide range of specialty additives. The company delivers innovative products in areas such as dispersant technology for water-based coatings, rheology modifiers for aqueous systems and wax additives as surface modifiers for coatings, including:

  • EDAPLAN® 490 Series dispersants: Stabilize pigment dispersions, reduce the mill-base viscosity.
  • TAFIGEL® PUR rheology modifiers: Associative thickeners designed to build up and stabilize viscosity.
  • CERETAN® MX 2919, MXS 3815, MPS 3120 wax: Micronized functional blends for matting effect/matting with good clarity.
  • LUBA-print 280AG (coating for anti-graffiti) and LUBA-print 646/P for (UV-lacquers and UV-printing inks) wax dispersions.

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