MONHEIM AM RHEIN, Germany – The global chemical company Oxea has successfully concluded an upgrade of its carboxylic acids production facility in Oberhausen, Germany. As a result, Oxea has enhanced the production output of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), such as propionic acid, butyric acid and isobutyric acid. These products are important to the feed industry, which uses them as building blocks for feed materials that are free from antibiotic growth promoters, so called AGP-free feed.

Dr. Oliver Borgmeier, Vice President Operations Derivatives Europe & China at Oxea, explained the importance of the acid site upgrade, “The recent investment substantially increases global supply reliability for our customers. It enables additional units to produce our short chain fatty acids, and significantly improves the overall output of acids across our multi-site, multi-products acids platform.”

“With this upgrade, we are supporting the strong growth of animal feed acidifiers, which are key contributors to the development of animal diets free of antibiotic growth promoters. The demand for the required salts and esters of butyric acids and propionic acid, in particular in Asia and the Americas, to manufacture AGP-free animal feed is growing significantly,” said Dr. Christoph Balzarek, Commercial Business Director Carboxylic Acids at Oxea.

“This upgrade at our Oberhausen site is just the first step towards further enhancement of our carboxylic acid capabilities in the short- and mid-term. We will further strengthen Oxea’s comprehensive carboxylic acids portfolio across all products and markets, which also include lubricants and synthetic fluids, ingredients for personal care applications, and paint and coating additives,” added Cristóbal Ascencio, Executive Vice President Derivatives. “The investment into our acids production facility in Oberhausen is yet another example of Oxea’s commitment to the selective growth strategy that our CEO, Dr. Salim Al Huthaili, is driving. We will continue to invest in our strong global production platforms and strengthen our product offerings,” concluded Ascencio.