SHANGHAI - Axalta Coating Systems formally opened its newest investment in innovation, the Asia-Pacific Technology Center (APTC), in the Minhang District of Shanghai.

With a total of 15,500 square meters of space, the APTC expands resources available to Axalta’s global organization of more than 1,300 scientists, engineers, and staff engaged in research and development. With a current employee base of 300 and capacity for more than 500, the center joins Axalta’s worldwide network of four global technology centers and more than 30 country laboratories. Other regionally focused technology centers are in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, and Wuppertal, Germany, supporting Axalta operations in the Americas and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, respectively. A new Global Innovation Center under construction in Philadelphia will replace a facility currently located in Wilmington, Delaware.

“Innovation is crucial to driving our future as well as to the success of our customers,” said Axalta Chairman and CEO Charlie Shaver at the opening. “The Asia-Pacific Technology Center reflects our strategy to build a strong technology hub in the region that is integrated into our global R&D organization. It is designed to put customer needs first and serve them with the very best we have. APTC will be the latest example yet of Axalta’s commitment to innovation that enables customers to maintain a competitive edge and achieve long-term success.”

Representatives from the Minhang District Government, the Minhang Economic Development Zone, and the Minhang Group, which jointly constructed the APTC with Axalta, joined more than 100 guests including customers, trade associations, university students, business partners, media and employees in the celebration and received a tour of the APTC.

“The new landmark in Shanghai is a proud symbol of innovation, R&D and technology leadership,” said Feng Xiao Ming, General Manager and Executive Director of the Minhang Group. “The role of the APTC aligns well with China’s national vision of becoming a major innovation center in the world. The center’s contribution to R&D will help put China on the global map of innovation in the coating industry. We are honored to be a partner in bringing this vision to fruition.”

In addition to laboratories, the APTC houses a Refinish Training Center and Global Color Development Center. The laboratories at APTC include a Coating R&D laboratory, a Coating System Testing laboratory and a Transportation Application laboratory. In the near future, wood coatings and powder coatings laboratories will be added. These facilities are designed to train customers to optimize the use of Axalta’s refinish products, conduct original research, and develop new products that will accelerate performance and productivity for vehicle manufacturing, refinish, and industrial customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Axalta builds innovative technology to meet evolving customer requirements,” said Dr. Barry Snyder, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Axalta. “The APTC is equipped with world-class capabilities and talent to deliver technology and products that meet customer needs in practical, proactive and sustainable ways, whether it’s in application know-how, color technology, or in polymer and formulation chemistry. I am excited to see world-class solutions developed in APTC shared by our customers worldwide.”