MINNETONKA, MN — NatureWorks, an advanced materials company offering a portfolio of renewably sourced polymers and chemicals, has formed a Performance Chemicals Division to supply lactides, polyols, binder resins and chemical intermediates to companies that manufacture coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, toners and fine chemicals.

“The NatureWorks Performance Chemicals Division delivers renewably sourced chemical intermediates with tailored functionality at competitive prices that help customers move through the R&D process faster with minimal supply chain risk,” said Richard Weber, Performance Chemicals Division General Manager. “This new business focuses on collaborative innovation with our customers across R&D, product development and operations, a far different approach than found today with most global suppliers of functional intermediates.”

Vercet™ is a new tunable platform of lactide-based chemistries from the NatureWorks Performance Chemicals Division. The customizable properties of Vercet polyols provide excellent hardness, solvent resistance and low color in polyurethanes. As components in polyester resins, Vercet lactides can be used to create low-VOC, solventborne alkyd resins for wood, and metal coatings that have excellent adhesion and impact resistance. Solventborne coatings and hotmelt adhesives utilizing Vercet intermediate resins offer a tunable work life, more end-of-life options, excellent adhesion, as well as low dispensing temperatures for food packaging, paper, fiber board and wood applications.