WALTHAM, MA – Novomer Inc., a sustainable chemicals company, announced the relocation of its headquarters to One Bowdoin Square in Boston on July 17. The new office, designed to meet the expanded demands of the company’s growing biobased chemicals business, will be in the heart of Boston, less than 20 miles from the current Waltham location.

The larger office space will provide room to grow and more space for collaboration. In addition to corporate offices, the new space will house business development and global project management activities, said Jim Mahoney, CEO of Novomer. “This move is about access,” explained Mahoney. “Greater access to public transportation for our employees and the closer location to Boston Logan International Airport will make it more convenient for partners, customers and vendors to visit Novomer headquarters.”

Novomer is commercializing a family of competitively priced biobased chemicals and high-performance polymers from ethanol and low-cost carbon monoxide.